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10807111.gifAre you 16 years old and looking for a legitimate website to find jobs? If so, you should start at Snagajob.com.

They are the leading online resource for both part time work and hourly jobs. Snagajob is a great first place to start for all teenage job hunters and the best part is that they are 100% free.

Many of the companies that hire 16 year olds post jobs on Snagajob and you can search for openings in your city and even apply online. Typically, the businesses that hire teens are chain restaurants / fast food outlets and national retail stores found in malls.

Even if you don’t find a job right away, you can use Snagajob to make a list of all the companies that hire teens. Not all companies will hire kids so you need a list of ones that do as a starting point. You can then go to each business in your city or neighborhood and ask about job openings.

Finding a job when you are 16 years old is very tough now. 2014 will be no different as the economy gets worse. Keep trying and applying and most of all, don’t give up!



Finding jobs for 16 year olds is tough whether you are looking for a part time job, a winter job,  summer job, or any other kind of job. Remember, if you are looking for a job you should keep looking and DON’T GIVE UP! Eventually you will find one.

However, there is a way to make some extra cash on the side right from your home while you look for that job. CashCrate is a site that is FREE to join and never have to pay any money. You have to be 16 and older and you can make some good money as you can see from my video of my latest check for $109.75 dated 1/1/2016. 

When you sign up to you need to first look at the FAQ’s and watch the tutorial. You also need to read the tutorials in the forum and join the forum as it is a friendly place with many people willing to help you.

Many of the people who join CashCrate are just like you in that they are young and looking for ways to make extra money. There are lots of 15 and 16 year olds trying to make money and you can join them for free. There is a very long thread in the forum showing all the checks people have gotten and it is NOT A SCAM. I have been paid EVERY month since I joined over seven years ago.

Again, this is NOT A JOB but it is a good way to bring in some extra cash that you can use for video games or Christmas or whatever you want. CashCrate automatically sends a check to your house when you reach the $20.00 mark (your check will be for more if you go over) and so you should always give accurate information when you sign up if you want to get paid.


Whatever job you finally get one thing is for sure: you will be paid to work and not glance at texts, Twitter, SnapChat and other things on your phone.

While having a smartphone is fun and exciting, when you are at work you are at work. You have a boss and a job to do that needs to be done. It is not your play time to explore your new iPhone world.

Any employee who doesn’t work hard and looks more interested in surfing the Internet WILL eventually get fired. Period. Bosses today who manage teenagers are well aware that you would rather be looking at your cell phone. They keep a sharp eye out to make sure that you aren’t goofing off and texting friends instead of doing your job.

If you do have a job you are one of the lucky 16 year olds. Don’t mess things up by being stupid! Put the cell phone away and make sure it is on “silent’ so it doesn’t make noises while you are at work. Keeping your job should be your priority, not interacting with friends on your cell phone.