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If you are a teenager who is looking for jobs for 16 year olds, what kind of jobs does the law allow you to get? Until you turn 18, you can’t get hired for many types of jobs. The good news is that the difference between working at 15 and 16 is a big one.

There are many more restriction put on 15 year olds than 16 year olds and most of them have to do with the hours you are allowed to work. The law believes that 15 year olds really need to concentrate on school so they can only work certain hours each day.

When you turn 16, those hours restrictions are lifted and you can work most hours. The job limitations for 16- and 17-year-olds has to do with the types of jobs you can get. Once you turn 16, you can be hired for most jobs except those that have been declared hazardous. There is a list of seventeen hazardous jobs that young workers under the age of 18 are prohibited from doing.

Some of these jobs include mining,meat packing or processing, using power-driven bakery machines or paper-product machines, roofing, and excavation operations. Most driving is also prohibited.

If you just turned 16 and are now looking for jobs for 16 year olds, make sure you don’t apply to any jobs on that list or ones that might be dangerous. If you have any doubts please ask your parents or ask a person at the company that you are hoping to hire you.


  1. Jessi Cancienne says:

    I am 16 years old with a 2 month year old daughter. I reside in Slidell, Louisiana. I really need a job in order to provide for my daughter. If you all can please send me a list of jobs around my area I will greatly appreciate it.

  2. ashley street says:

    i am 16 years old , i just turned 16 and i really need to find a job so i can pay for gas to get to school and back and to help my family with stuff we can’t afford right now , i live in Columbia, Tennessee if you can please send me a list of jobs that will hire me . i will greatly appreciate it.