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If you are 16 years old this summer, you might be looking for a job for the very first time. This might be a bit intimidating because you don’t know what to expect. It might also be difficult as the economy is real bad and there probably are not going to be as many jobs for 16 year olds available as usual.

Real jobs for teenagers are usually found at places like fast food restaurants, movie theaters, car washes, and other places that have minimum wage jobs requiring little to no experience. This type of job will require you to punch a time clock and you will have a manager that will keep track of your progress until you prove yourself to be responsible and trustworthy.

This summer you might have to work a lot harder and search a lot longer just to get that first job. There are many companies that have limited dollars and have cut back their hiring and this will affect the number of jobs available to teens. To have the best chance of finding a job, you should include an online strategy as well as just going to different places and finding out if they are hiring.

If you have any type of work history, you might want to type out a resume and put it on your computer. You might ask your Mom or Dad to help you with this, as they would be able to guide you. There are then a handful of free jobs sites that you could upload your resume to that will increase your chances of getting a job. Even without a resume, you should start looking online to try to find jobs in your area that you might be able to get. By including an online aspect to your job search, you will be one step ahead of all your friends that don’t do that.

You should also go around town and stop in at different businesses to inquire whether they might have a job for you this summer. Again, the teens that work the hardest to get a job will probably be the ones that end up being offered one. Getting jobs for 16 year olds this summer is not going to be an easy thing to do but if you put your head down and try to spread the word in every way that you want a job, you will probably stand a good chance of getting one.