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Find a job that fits your schedule at SnagAJob
Are you a teenager looking for a job this summer? Where can you go to find one? You are probably looking for some kind of hourly job that doesn’t require any experience or maybe only a little experience. It turns out that some of the best jobs for 16 year olds can be found online for free at Snagajob. They are the best online site that lists hourly and part time jobs which is exactly what you are looking for. If you are looking for good summer jobs, Snagajob is a great place to start.

Teenagers looking for jobs usually enjoy working for companies like Dunkin Donuts, AMC Movie Theaters, Boston Market, Dominoes, WalMart, Toys “R” Us, Kohls, AMF Bowling and other places like that. Those kinds of businesses all have jobs for teenagers and those are the types of hourly and part time jobs that Snagajob specializes in.

You can use Snagajob to find out what jobs are available in your area and then apply to them right there online. That is what makes your job search easier is the ability to both find jobs and apply for them all in the same place at SnagAJob. Please note though, that although Snagajob is 100% free, you should NOT SIGN UP UNLESS YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT FINDING A JOB!


  1. baviwe says:

    i need a part time job please if u can find me one

  2. wasim patel says:

    hello my name is wasim thorugh the holidays i am going to be bored so i really want a summer job,i have been looking around my local town and there is nothing so please if you have anything can you let me know as as possible please thank you.

  3. Alvin Clemente says:

    Hello my name is alvin i am very interested in finding a job and i am 16 years olds turning 17 if anyone haqs a job they can get me i would very apreciate it im looking for a part time job i live in queens myrtle avenue if you need to contact me you can call my cell phone 347 495 1343

  4. damarcus cox says:

    hello i need a jodb and i have a way to work and ill be there on time everyday so i you have a spot im that guy thanks

  5. stanley jasper says:

    hi my name is stanley jasper and i am really looking for a job so if you have any thing i can do this summer because money is very low in my house hold so please give me a call my number is (773)873-0012 please just ask for stanley jasper jr. if it is a bike shop i dont care i just need a job that pays good thank u

  6. beneth says:

    hi my name is beneth ugwumaduand i am really looking for a job so if you have any thing i can do this summer because money is very low in my house hold so please give me a call my number is 973 374 7842 please just ask for stanley jasper jr. if it is a bike shop i dont care i just need a job that pays good thank u

  7. michelle cathey says:

    my name is michelle. im 16 years old and im looking for a part time job for weekends and after school. i am a very responsible person. i will do anything to get the job done. i been around my local town an i have not had any luck.

  8. Darihana Duran says:

    Hello! My name is Darihana. I am sixteen and I am really looking for a job for the summer because times are hard and my mother’s always paying for my bills that I want to give her a break from paying my bills and she won’t have to pay it for a long while.

    Please give me a call at (646)374-5050

    please and thank you

  9. blerta says:

    hey,my name is Blerta and i am 16 years old.I’m looking for a part time summer job in brooklyn ny.I dont have any experince so its kind of hard to find one.At the momment my family is having money problems,so i would be glad if you find me one.Thankyou.

  10. Dominique says:

    my name is dominique iam 16 and iam looking for a part time job for after school and during the weekends this is going to be my first job and it really would help me and my family out my mother is having monrey problems please give me a call what ever job i get iam willing to work for you thankyou 301-306-0658

  11. Carmelita says:

    hi, my name is Carmelita and i am 16 year old.I really want a job and the best job i ever did was babysit and i can cook verywell so if there is any other jobs out there for me please contac me my number is 913-488-4319 or 913-281-0473 exstintion 403

  12. Amanda says:


  13. andrea says:

    hi my name is andrea and im looking for a part time job for the summer.here is my number 202-460-6827

  14. kieria jones says:

    hi ny name is kieria jones i am 16 and need of a job i dont think it is agood idea to give you my number where everyone can see ut but heres my email kieriajones@yahoo anyone else who wants to be friends can add mee lata

  15. Michael says:

    Hi, my name is Michael. I am looking for a summer job. I use to tutor young kids at my junior high school. Was in a few plays. No other experience. But i am dedicated to whatever i do and i learn really fast so i am sure it wouldn’t be a problem to do almost anything. My number is 347-233-2784. Thanks


    Dear madan/Sir,

    Im Ernesto San Pedro Jr,age of 17 from sta. mesa manila, i want to find summer job any kind of job.
    iM Studying in Centro Escolar University ill take Nutrition and Hospitality Management.

    contact # : 09156455311
    height : 5’6
    Email address: bokney_03@yahoo.com

  17. Laroche kerlee says:

    Hello, i am very interested for a job during the summer and it will be a great opportunity. I have no job experience yet but if i get a job now i will. I am studying right now to be a medical assistant in Clara Batron high school. PLease write me an answer, i would be thankful. Call me: 347-792-8050

  18. Elizabeth Rodriguez says:

    Hello,My name is Elizabeth Rodriguez Im 16 Turning 17 on July 9 I’ve been out of school trying to get back on track and is getting back in school,cause I know education is important.I’m also looking for a job I have nothing to do I’m available whenever there’s a job opening available.Please contact me if you have anything in mind. Thank You

    Elizabeth Rodriguez
    Email: getmoney201021@yahoo.com

  19. dancer3 says:

    Im a 16 year old who has no experiance at all! Im looking for a job particularly in the restaurant and child-care area. I love working with kids and people in general, but any job would be just fine. I have baby sat children in my neighborhood and family members from the ages of 18 months to 13 year olds. Cheerful, responsible, respectful, confident, easy going, self disciplined and very dedicated!

  20. Hi, my is jessica. Im looking for a part time job for the summer. The reason i will like a part time job because i will like the great opportunity.

  21. Jasmere says:

    My name is Jasmere Brown and I am looking for a job before this summer so that I could keep myself active, I need a job so that I could get the things that I need in my house hold. So if you could please offer me an job my number is (1773)553-0760so can you please give me a call.

  22. carly says:

    I just want a decent good paying job. I just turned 16, March 31st and I’m in need of a job. I’m a Sophmore in Highschool and I’d love to work at any job from tanning salons, target, homedepot, beauty salons and even petsmart. I’m not picking but I want my first job to not be flipping burgers somewhere, If you can help me find a decent cool, good paying job, contact me; carlyabel@hotmail.com
    thank you very much.

  23. Starr Marcellino says:

    my name is starr im 16years old and im looking for a job if any thing is avalible i would be much abliged if your store or persons hired me. i love to organise stuff and thank you for reading this.

  24. Jade Jenkins says:

    Hi my name is Jade Jenkins and im in desperate need of a summer or even part time job. Please just email me or anything at peacendlove08@aol.com or yahoo. I need money. Thanks for everything.

  25. veronics rios says:

    hello my name is veronica rios am 16 years old am am looking for a part time job for this summer vacation am a really hard working person and a out goin person and i can do any thing that has to do with helping out and more.so if any comments pls please email me to sweety_rios12@yahoo.com,.thank you!!!

  26. joyce jeanniton says:

    hello my name is joyce jeanniton im 16 years old im looking for a part time job for this summer vacation please email me at joyce2101@yahoo.com please thank you