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Summer is almost over and many of you are still without a job. Some 16 year olds were lucky and either got a job early or you might have known someone who helped you get a job. For the rest though, this summer has been awful for teen job hunting.

One of the problems is that teens don’t typically have a whole lot of job experience and there aren’t a whole lot of jobs that you qualify for either. Jobs for 16 year olds were hard to find and it might not get any easier for a while.

I suggest you keep on hunting for a job and sooner or later you will get one. You can continue to look at Snagajob for that part time job and if you are persistent and keep looking, eventually you will be rewarded. At Snagajob they have all sorts of part time jobs with all kinds of companies and some of them are jobs that teenagers can get. They have movie theater jobs, fast food jobs, retail jobs, restaurant jobs and other ones that all pay hourly which is perfect for teens.

Once you get your job, and you will if you keep trying even though it might seem hopeless right now, maybe you should try to keep the job all year. This might be difficult or impossible for some but if you can make the time to work part time all year, then next summer you will already have a job. Jobs for 16 year olds may be just as hard next summer to get as they were this summer and if you already have a job, you will be in a great spot come next year. Give Snagajob a try but make sure you only sign up if you are serious about finding a job.


  1. monique says:

    hi my name is monique and I have been searching all summer for a job and still havent got a response…I’m williing to work all year so by next summer I will have a job…if any one is hiring please let me know…you can contact me at 1646-421-4448 thank you..

  2. alfonzo pickens says:

    i really think that its great what you are doing with all the jobs and everything and you guys are really the best and every thing that you do

  3. Natasha Willhite says:

    i need a job…

  4. teri pettifor says:

    hi my name is teri im 16 i have a sonn who is bout to be 1 years old i need a job so i can take care of him.I have been lokkin 4 a jod ALL summer and im still looking for one i need a job relly bad so if any one haring please call me at (734)796/0312 call at any time

  5. harley hoehn says:

    I am 16 and looking for a job so I have money for an apartment when I get amansipated. If anyone is hiring in the sacramento area, please let me know. you can contact me at (1916)331-7110.
    Thank You.

  6. Waliece Cherry says:

    Im 16 year old im loookiin a job cause i can help my mother with the bills n i can get my only apartment i can get my only car so i can get back from school n home im nin the 12 grade dis is my last year

  7. Johari says:

    My name is Johari. Im looking for a job. Im a really hard worker and im very determined to get the job done. Im 16 years old. Anyone looking to hire around Converse please email me at johariclark@yahoo.com
    Thanks so much!

  8. Elias Mtz says:

    Im Elias, im 16 years old and im looking for a job so that i can help my parents and for myself, please help me anyone who can know of a job that i can apply to. Thank you!! 🙂

  9. levi says:

    Hey my name is levi i am 14 i just had a son he is 1 week old we named him jerry,i need this job to suport my son so please help me out on this. i live in Lincoln arkansas zip is 72744 please email me if you can find me n e thing please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  10. cara robinson says:

    I have been looking for a job for a year now filling out applications left to right. Im 16 and wanting to get that job asap. please contact me at 727-688-8305 i stay in clearwater. Thank you.

  11. Brittney says:

    Hi my name is Brittney I am a all around athlete I play every sport you can think of except football i need a job asap because i am in a single parent home and she kicks out big bucks I JUST need one to take care of those things I riside in nc

  12. patrice says:

    hi my name is patrice and times are hard and i need to find me a job a.s.a.p. so that i could help take care of my family and take care of my monthly school fees if any openings are availible please feel free to cotact me at 414 265 5646

  13. shaunti says:

    hi my name is shaunti i am pregnant i have been trying to find a job i wuz just kicked out and i need to find a job contact me if u hear n e thing u can get a hold of me at 1479-225-0268

  14. Trisha says:

    If anybody know somebody hiring in the acworth area of georiga please let me know. I am 16 and i just got engaged. I fiance lost his job and money is really tight right now. Also if anybody has any crayons or school supplies or blankets for nap time and can mail them to me, i live where it got flooded really bad and want to help out the kids of clarkdale elementary which was under water for 2 days and they lost everything.

  15. shaunti says:

    Hi my name is shaunti. I have been looking for jb for over 6 months now. I have look in all the places in my local area and i have found none yet. so if you hear of any thing in my area let me know. thanx

  16. Bryan Mcdonald says:

    hay im look 4 a job so i can have some money 2 take my girl out on dates,so i can get my own place, and to help my mom wit the bills. im a good hard worker, i dont quit,i never say i cant do it cause thats not me,umm when i turn 18 im going to b a marien and getting in to da mariens is my life goal.

  17. ronald miller says:

    hi my name is ronald miller and i am 16 i am in desprit need ove a job.my mom has 8 children currently resiting in the house with me, an she has no job so im am willing to work please contact me at my yahoo address its (dat_boy_name_camrone14@yahoo.com )please an thank you!

  18. Yessica says:

    Hi!! Im Yessica i just turn 16 in looking for a job to help my mom with her bills. i live in lewisville, TX so if anyone is hiring please contact me by myspace Cyessenia@yahoo.com

  19. Jeff says:

    hey my name is jeffrey reynolds but they call me jeff. im 16 and need a job. im willing to work hard. i would really apprciate it. i live in new miami in hamilton ohio. my email is jakcansally@yahoo.com. thanks

  20. christina johnson says:

    i have been looking for a job for 4 mons

  21. Mohammad A Khan says:

    Hi my anme is Mohammad and iam looking for the part time job…if anyone is hiring so let me know my phone number is 919-572-9116

  22. jamal elayyan says:

    my name is jamal i need a job if any one hiring so let me now my number is 216 5718447

  23. Cynthia Murphy. says:

    Hello, my name is Cynthia, and I was wondering if you could help me find a job please. I’m interested about anything at this point. I have been looking for a job for the last year. If anyone is hiring please give me a call at 770-862-2302. Thank you so much for your time.


  24. taylor says:

    hi my name is taylor and i really need a job bad ….it would make my life a whole lot better if u can help me out and give me a job…so please contact me on my e-mail address @ taylor.herd@yahoo.com …please

  25. Well hello there im Crystal Chavez and im 16 and i live in Inglewood.California and im here for to look for a job and a carrer in life and a great future im really good at math and english and i help people out im a poemist and studying to be a teacher or a cop i chose those because there helping every body im trying to get a job to get my own place when im 18yrs of age and for college.

    Thank you
    E-mail Me @ Chavez.C310@yahoo.com
    have a great day

  26. My name is Rebbie Plunkett and I am looking for a part time job I am 16 and still in high school,I love working with people I am a B student I like to talk to other people about they problem I love watching babies and I like working with my hands and I’ll will love to work in a clothing store because I love to drees nice, I will also like to work in a fast food place.

    time I really hope you find me a job that I like you can contact me at 1708-825-3883 or you can look me up on mz.tweety011@yahoo.com

  27. my name is brenda i been looking for a job for a long time and i cant find one. i am a good worker. hopefully yall can help me because i was 2 daughter and i need money to support them. please call me at469-235-4688

  28. abdi ismail says:

    Hi my name abdi and iam 16 years old looking for a job like 5 mouths
    and iam hard worker never get down from a challenge so if any of you guys hiring from siouxfalls,SD let me know plz and my email is abdiismail15@yahoo.com or phone 605-370-4093

  29. Andrea Heinemeyer says:

    Hey my name is Andrea and I am looking for a job for the summer. I love kids and animals. I live on a farm and i have 2 blood sisters 3 foster sisters and 2 step sisters. I also have 4 foster brothers. I would like a job because i will have a car to get there and my mom said i need to get a job this summer PLEASE help me out!!! (618)561-0072 is my cell. I perfer texts but i will accept calls also.

  30. Marvin Renaud says:


    My name is Marvin,and i am 16 turning 17 in december. I have been looking for a job for two years now and its getting frustrating. I am a really hard and respectful worker. Also i am a fast learner and i get along with others. So if they are any jobs available in the North Miami Beach area please email me at:
    Thank you

  31. Samantha Salais says:

    Hey my name is Samantha and im a sixteen..I have been looking for a part time job because im in highschool and i plan to stay in school, but i have a son named Izayah and he is ten months.I really need a job so if you can please help me you can contact me at 210-970-1499..

  32. kialani says:

    my name is kialani im 16 years old and can do almost any thing i play basketball for my high school. im looking for a part time job that pays just enought to put food on the table for my family. there is 7 people living in my house and nobody have a job. its hard getting by but it’ll have to work tell i get a job. but we making it on prayer and faith, thank god! my number is 316-942-0762 and my cell is 913-744-7828 call if you can get me a job r just know a place i can go see about a job

  33. michelle says:

    Hello my name is Michelle and my best friend Crystal n i are looking for jobs were both in the 11th grade,were looking foward to work with kids if u have any information u may contact me on my cell 646-321-7000 or on my email adress

  34. michael petty says:

    hey my name is michael petty i really need a job because i am trying to help my mom because she is sick i want to be ther for hermy number is (864)576-2320 please give me a call dont forget my name is michael petty

  35. Deborah says:

    Hi im 16 and I realy need a job my mom is having a hard time with money right now so im just wondering what job I can get im a hard worker.

  36. Pete says:

    i am pete im 16 n my family is severly in debt and my mom is broke and i need money 2 support my family from becoming homeless and bankrupt if there is any job openings call me please at 401-315-0219.

  37. Samantha says:

    me and my best friend need a job cause shes moving in with me and we need to help my parents out nad if there are any job openings that we can work together that will be great call me please (325)650-7200.
    thank you and if i dont answer just leave a message and ill call back as soon as i can thank you

  38. lisa says:

    Hi my name is lisa i am 16 years old and i am pregnant…looking for a job that can help me and my young one find a place of our own….and i am in a relationship but we are both not able to find any thing that can help us…..so if any one has a job for a young mother to be please contact me on me house phone the number is 718-739-2073,and this is not a joke….

    thank you!!!

  39. elan says:

    i have been looking for a job for the longest and i need a job.So if anyone want to give me a job I’m ready at any time. I’m a really hard worker and I’ll do just about anything that have to do with a job so please give me a call 313-934-2933

  40. RACHEL Ward says:

    Hello my name is Rachel Ward and Ive been wanting a job for as long as i can remember Im 18yrs and willing to work any shift im giving.im a strong person and a hard worker when it comes to work so if you u are interested in me give me a call at 334-2693

  41. Brianna Murphy says:

    Hello, I am 16 years old, will be 17 in March and I need a job. I have been searching for a long while now and still haven’t found anyone hiring. Well, I am able to work year round, and I am up for just about anything. I like to work hard, and my work is never complained about. So, if your interested, please contact me at my emial bri12107@yahoo.com.

  42. Seante says:

    My name is Seante And for everybody trying to find a job on snagajob is waisting their time ive been on it for over a year and have had no luck and ive applied for every job on the website and still no responce so if anybody has any other websites please let me know

  43. Domonique Johnson says:

    I’m currently 16 years and will be 17 on April 18 of next year. I have been applying for seasonal jobs, and any and every other job that you can think of. I understand that times are hard and not everyone can recieve a job, but I am really desperate.! I am an avid listener, great with children, I can multitask, I am an all around great worker and I would love if you would contact me by email. thank-you

  44. Tashara says:

    Hi my name is Tashara. I have been looking for a job ever since i turned 16. If you guys have any openings please give me a call at 5137879967.Thanks

  45. Casey Cox says:

    Hello I’m 17 & I really need a job. I have experience working in tobacco and more. If anyone has a job that I can do please call me at 606-484-0109

  46. christin says:

    hi my name is christin and i am looking for a job as will and i need it asap because i want to help out my family.

  47. mayra says:

    hi im 16..and am looking 4 a job in the phoenix arizona area..my email..is love-Girl.1234@hotmail.com..and the area zip code is 85053..
    thank you

  48. Thor Hofeling says:

    Hello, My name is Thor Hofeling, i’m sixteen and need a job. I am a very hard worker and am willing to go the extra mile when i can. I’m looking for a job that can work around school and when football season comes around, is willing to work with that also. It also has to be in the Provo UT area. You may contact me by phone (801)708-9722 or by email thrhofeling247@gmail.com. Thank you for you time. I hope to hear from you soon.

  49. ANNA says:


  50. Keith says:

    im 16 year old and need a job i can work from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in miami im a junior in high school you can contact me at 305-469-4680