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Summer is almost over and many of you are still without a job. Some 16 year olds were lucky and either got a job early or you might have known someone who helped you get a job. For the rest though, this summer has been awful for teen job hunting.

One of the problems is that teens don’t typically have a whole lot of job experience and there aren’t a whole lot of jobs that you qualify for either. Jobs for 16 year olds were hard to find and it might not get any easier for a while.

I suggest you keep on hunting for a job and sooner or later you will get one. You can continue to look at Snagajob for that part time job and if you are persistent and keep looking, eventually you will be rewarded. At Snagajob they have all sorts of part time jobs with all kinds of companies and some of them are jobs that teenagers can get. They have movie theater jobs, fast food jobs, retail jobs, restaurant jobs and other ones that all pay hourly which is perfect for teens.

Once you get your job, and you will if you keep trying even though it might seem hopeless right now, maybe you should try to keep the job all year. This might be difficult or impossible for some but if you can make the time to work part time all year, then next summer you will already have a job. Jobs for 16 year olds may be just as hard next summer to get as they were this summer and if you already have a job, you will be in a great spot come next year. Give Snagajob a try but make sure you only sign up if you are serious about finding a job.


  1. Darian Harris says:

    I just turned 16 last week and I’m looking for a job in Union county, New Jersey. If anyone finds a job available please contact at eorecords@hotmail.com

  2. Brittany says:

    Hello,my name is Brittany.I live in alaska,and, i am need of a job. I am a hard worker and i am to graduate in 2012. I play soccer,and i love art.I have many awards in leadership and culinary based subjects. I participate in construction activites and do well in groups. I think i would be well suited in the working community. i need this job to pay off my car and to save up for a trip to scotland. i do outdoors and indoors and its hard to get around so if any of you alaskens are reading this. Please help me in my need for a job.

  3. Shaquasha Mccray says:

    hi my name is Shaquasha McCray and im im 16 years old and i need a jod so i can help take care of my family so if you could please at 904 554 9807

  4. Christian Sanchez says:

    Hello my name is Christian sanchez, and I am currently looking for a job. I am hoping to find any job to help out my family, we are currently having some financial problems. I would really appreciate it if someone would help me, by hiring me; or even considering me, for a job. To contact me just send an e-mail to christiansanchez111@gmail.com

  5. Jesseca Cervantes says:

    Hi my name is jesseca. I am 16 and looking for a job so I can have money to buy my car and pay for things in high school. If anyone is hiring in the Los Angeles area, please let me know. you can contact me at (323)220-3843. Also you can reach me on cervantesjesseca@yahoo.com.
    Thank You.

  6. Kimberly says:

    Hello my name is Kimberly. I am 15 years of age turning 16 this upcoming Febuary 4th. I live in Oakland, CA. I dropped out of high school because I am now 4 months pregnant with my first child. I need a job now! But I dont know where to start with this. I plan to go back to school..of course. But I have responsabilities to attend to. I know I can and will succeed. But I really need some advice. If anyone out there has ANY advice for ANY job openings. Please contact me by email.


  7. Amber Fleming says:

    Hey my name is amber fleming im looking for a job so i can help my dad out around the house because we are haveing a hard time right know an im 16 years old im willing to work the hours you need me when i get out of school an during the summer if you find me anythang i will be thankful you can contact me at (254-339-3858) thank you

    Amber Fleming

  8. christine says:

    hi my name is christine i speak french and english i love kids and love working with all kinds of people and i like to do all kinds of things.I love new experiences, I have done over 1600 volunteer hours witch im very proud of now im just exited to help people in any way and actually get paid for it . if you are intressted in to hiring me you can contact me on my e-mail christine.kabika@hotmail.com so i can send you my resume and my phone number thank you in advance

  9. Mary A. says:

    Hello, i am sixteen years old and am looking for any type of job. I live in NYC. I also sing classical/opera and i sing at church. I am had working and kind. Please e-mail me at junsi_2010@hotmail.com

  10. Maurice says:

    my name is Maurice Whitfield and I need a job so i can save up me enough money so i can go to college and get me a car so i can help my mother and step dad on some of the shopping around the house cause half the time they work all day and really do not have enough time to go to the store and if there is a job opening you can call me at 662-308-8256 or e mail me at maurice.whitfield@yahoo.com thanks may god bless yall………..

  11. hello my name is vania and Iam sixteen years old. Iam looking for a job to support my family but I havent got any luck yet please if you know about a job contact me at 972-221-9101 and I will really aprecciate your help. I live in lewisville texas please I NEED IT to be on lewsiville because I dont have a car to go any further. Thank-you very much!

  12. alisa zaldivar says:

    hi my name is alisa i am a 16 year old female that despritly would enjoy working i am very nice and work good with others i dont have much experince but i am determin to learn and up to any job training if anyone needs a hard working teenage girl please contact me at 1760 275 9023

    thank you for time
    Alisa zaldivar

  13. Alex says:

    Hi my name is Alex im 17 i have experience in restaurant service and Carpentry/construction/remodeling i need to find a job in the Middletown/Cromwell area of CT my phone number to contact me at is 860-371-5666 please call i need a job to pay for my car insurance and gas money and also i need to send money to my brother over in washington for my car.I’m a really hard worker and i don’t slack around in a job just to get paid. Please call with job info or email @blade_gamer@yahoo.com

  14. Tina says:

    hey i neeeeeeeeed a job. this is crazy not having a job.i need to get a car soon to make it to work if i ever get a job

  15. John Guevara says:

    My name is John Guevara and I am 16 years old. I would really like to get a job so I have a sense of how the world is going to be. It would be a great opportunity for me. Thank you if your interested im in the chicago area and you can reach me at (407)7448829 or (407) 7096719 thank you

  16. Hi, my name is Jody Boulanger. i have been surching for a job i’m willing to do anything. i need a job badley my family is going through a hard time. if you have a job in mind for me let me know pleas. Thabks!

  17. brad simmons says:

    hey im brad i need a job im 16 and willing to work any conditions, numbers 910 670 7820 of holly springs north carolina

  18. Naomi says:

    Hello My Name Is Naomi , Im from lincoln and left 6th form 5 weeks ago , i am in need of a job preferbly full time if possible , i am into anything really , i have a reference for childcare and babysitting for others. please help

  19. Deseree bradley says:

    Hi my name is deseree i am sixteen years old .I need a job bad i have a 3 month son and i take care of him by myself . So i need a job I dont care what i have to do .So please get back to me if anything comes up . thank you and god bless.

  20. loraine says:

    im loraine from biƱan laguna looking for summer job for this vacation ..
    i need that because i want to help my father..
    pls contacy me here in my no.09301305959
    im only 16yrs old..
    im appling for fast foods..
    thank you very much..
    i hope that you will help me..

  21. briana says:

    i would like to get in a babysitting job caouse i just loveee kidsss they are wonderfull. :] -briana

  22. deandre says:

    hi my name is deandre and i need a job badly cuz im going to school and tryen to do for my self i will do any thing for a job

  23. Justice Bryant says:

    Hi, my name is justice bryant and im currently 16 years of age. Im just looking for an job so i can save up money for my colege fund.

    Im an hard working, willing to learn new things, open-mined, always have prompt services, work well with others, good at networking, and will bring good feedback to anyone bussiness.

  24. Reva Smith says:

    Hi my name is Reva Smith I live in Port St Lucie,Fl. I have no one in my life that would be willing to pay for my college I don’t qualify for any scholarships.I need a job. I’m educated,I’m respectful, I am musical (I play trumpet, french horn, piano, bass and, guitar) and I’m well spoken. I don’t work well with children. My phone number is 772-878-4378.


  25. Shana says:

    My name is Shana, and I just t urned 16 on Febuary 21. I really need a job, but I’m not sure where to find one!

  26. korry worden says:

    Im korry worden i im trying to get a job to get a car and help my mom out around the house so if you can help me you can get a hold of me at 563 593 4836 or at korry.worden@yahoo.com thank you.

  27. flavio says:

    hey my name is flavio medina i live in phx az i turned 16 in march 23 and i am looking for a job

  28. hi my name is jalissa depugh n im 16 n i am looking for a job.if u need to contactme on my house phone at 1347-591-2098 or on my dad cell at 1917-650 1467

  29. jodie connor says:

    my name Jodie Connor i just made 16 and im looking for any job in New Iberia to Franklin La. i have a car and in graduating in 2011, im looking for a job so i can have a off campus apartment at grammbling stae collage……………

  30. nakita says:

    hello my name is nakita but people call me kiki. im looking for a full time job so that i can provide for myself. im 15 about to be 16 next month on the 11.( may 11 2010 ). and i would be a good employee

  31. yeadah kannah says:

    hi my name is yeadah kannah iam 17 years old iam lookin for job to help my sick mother back in africa she really need help form me iam the only person that can help her so i will be happy if some one can help me too so i can helpp my sick mother back home by harring me call me on 860 706 6708 i will need for help me i want for my mother to live so if i go back home one day i can her iam from africa Liberia there lost of my family there that need help from me help me and thinx

  32. Charnel says:

    Im Charnel and I am 16 years old. I have been looking for a job for five months now. I plan on taking a college course in December/January and I need to save money for books and things like that because I know they are expensive. I need a job in San Jacinto or Hemet, ca. I am willing to do anything from sign spinning to resturant jobs. Please email me at wcharnel@yahoo.com. Thank You