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Jobs are extremely difficult to find right now and the chances are you have been looking for awhile. The job situation in the United States is that many employers have had to cut back jobs and are trying to get by with fewer employees. This also means less jobs for 16 year olds and until the economy starts to turn around, nothing is going to change.

If you have been trying to get a job for a while and never seem to get called back, maybe you need to look at some of the things you are doing (or not doing) in the job interview. Remember, only the best teenagers are going to be hired because employers have a lot of job applicants to choose from. They are only going to choose the best ones and so you have to make sure you are doing the best you can in the job interview and presenting yourself well.

During a job interview you should be paying attention to some of the following things. It doesn’t matter whether you are interviewing for a car wash or a busboy position, it is always important to do these things:

1) You must show up on time for the interview. If you show up late, the employer will assume you are going to show up late to your job as well. You really should show up at least ten minutes early just in case they are ready for you and then wait patiently until it is your turn.

2) Don’t dress up like a kid. Although you still are a kid, you want to wear some nice clothes that make you look respectable. Remember, if you get hired you will be working for and representing the company that hires you and you don’t want to make it look like you don’t care about the way you look. Make sure your clothes are neat, clean, and worn properly.

3) In the interview you must act as much like an adult as you can. Don’t ask dumb questions that make you look foolish. Interviewers are looking for the best candidates and asking a lot of silly questions in the interview does not make a good impression.

4) Don’t complain about anything and most of all don’t complain about how hard it is to find a job and how long you have been looking etc.. Employers don’t want to hire whiners and complainers. They want to hire enthusiastic, cheerful, and competent 16 year olds that can do the job and are glad to be working.

5) Don’t pretend to be someone you are not or brag about how great you are. You need to come across as a real person who is willing to work hard at the job and not someone who is fake. Interviews for jobs for 16 year olds can see right through someone who is not being honest and trying to pretend they are better than they really are.

6) Act confident but not too confident that you can do the job. Again, you want to present yourself as a good choice to be hired because you can do the job but you don’t want to act like it will be too easy. Overconvidence is not something that will help you get a job in most cases.

These interview tips are something you should look at to evaluate how you are doing. If you haven’t been able to get a job, it may be because of some of the things you may be doing wrong in your interviews. Employers are always going to hire the people they think will do the best job and your interview is the ONLY thing they have to go by.

Good job advice for 16 year olds is to keep looking for a job (never give up) and to keep getting better at your interview skills. The more times you get interviewed, the easier it should be to not be nervous and to conduct yourself in a way that any employer will like.


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    i want this job because i need something to keep me out of touble and busy