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Are you finding it hard to get a job this summer? Have you been looking for a job for months with no success?

One thing to be wary of is the email address you are using as a contact. Many teens have creative email addresses like “ILoveRick@yahoo.com” or “HaloGodGuy@aol.com”. While this kind of email address is fine for use with your friends and to sign up to various websites such as YouTube, it is NOT a good email to use for job employers.

Anyone looking for jobs for 16 year olds should be sure they are using an email that looks more professional. You should use an email that has your name in it so that employers know you are serious about finding a job. It can be a free email service like Yahoo or AOL but the important thing is to make sure your email address will not turn off people who may hire you.

Along the same lines, you if you have a cell phone you should make sure you have a message that will sound professional as well. If you give any prospective employer your cell phone number or if you have it on your resume, you DO NOT want your message to sound stupid or childish. If your normal message is something like “YO, leave a message” or anything childish like that, you need to make sure you change it.

Employers have a lot of choices this summer for the jobs they have open. There are a lot of 16 year olds looking for jobs and the ones that do the best overall job of interviewing and presenting themselves will get those jobs. Make sure you don’t take yourself out of the running before you even get a chance to be considered!