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By now, summer is in full swing and many 16 year olds are still without jobs. That means you face the very real possibility that you won’t get one at all and it may be time for plan B.

If you can’t find any jobs for 16 year olds, you can do everything you can to make money on your own. A great idea that kids have had success with in the past is a dog walking or a pet sitting business.

There is a lot of demand for something like dog walking because right now, many families have both parents working. This means bot the mom and dad come home every night and they are tired from working all day. One of the last things they want to have to do every night is walk the dog.

This opens up an opportunity for any enterprising young 16 year old to go out and find people who need their pets cared for or dogs walked. You certainly don’t need any experience and all you really need is a bag to pick up the dog’s poop in.

Any teenager who is reliable can find people who need this service and are willing to pay for it. Most likely the hours will be quite flexible and as long as you get the job done and are reliable, your customers will be happy. There have been kids that have gotten so much business that they couldn’t do it all themselves!

With this kind of a job, you will learn how to be your own boss and to deal with your own customers. If you do well, people will like you and keep you on as their dog walker. If you slack off and don’t do a good job, you will learn quickly what being fired feels like.

People will pay others to do jobs for them that they either don’t like doing or don’t have the time to do. There are other things similar to walking dog jobs such as house cleaning, weed pulling, mowing lawns and many other things. Dog walking is just one of many things that you might find people are willing to pay you for.

So, if you can’t find what you consider a “real” job this summer, go out their and think of other ways you can make money. Jobs for 16 year olds are everywhere, all it takes is some good brainstorming and the energy to go out and find your own customers.