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Christmas? Why am I talking about the Christmas season in September?

Any teenager knows (or should know) how hard it is to get jobs for 16 year olds right now. This summer saw many teens of all ages try and fail to get a job. The economy is a killer right now and nothing is getting better.

Most 16 year olds are back in school now or will be soon. That means that most of them will be giving up their summer jobs because they don’t have time for school and a job. Especially if you are involved with after school activities, it leaves little time for a job on the side.

That means that some work opportunities might have opened up if you are a teen that can somehow manage school and a part time job. Some employers will allow you to work after school or on the weekends and now is a great time to look as some of these jobs will have opened up.

Start The Christmas Season Job Search Right Now!

Additionally, any teen who will want a winter or Christmas season job should start looking for one right away. This summer should have taught you one thing: the early bird gets the worm and the sooner you start looking, the better your chances are of finding someone who has an opening that will hire you.

It is September now and Christmas will be here before you know it. Stores have to have plans in place early and they have to have all their workers hired ahead of time. That means you should be going around to the stores you want to work at and finding out if they will be hiring this Christmas. Even if they are not hiring at this time you will at least get a feel for what the situation is and what you will need to do. Find out now who will have the part times jobs that you might be able to get and let them know today that you are interested!

If you start looking now for a Christmas job, you will beat most of your friends to the punch. Get your resumes in to the stores, make your contacts, and meet the managers that will be hiring for Christmas. If you start doing all of this now before everyone else starts doing it, you will have a jump on all your competition.

Make sure you always learn from the past and this past year has shown that finding a job for any age teen is super hard. So don’t make the mistake of waiting to long this Christmas season to find the job you need. Start right now! Good luck.

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  1. Precilla Colon says:

    i recently turn sixteen and been searching for a job before i turned sixteen, and there weren’t any bids.I’m a good student and focus hard in school. Ever since the economy turned bad and elders were fired because they had to make company bigger the jobs us sixteen year olds are suppose to have elder people get them.Now I have To Earn What I Get and I Would Like Earing My Own Money Not Only To learn Responsibility But To Earn My Own Money and Buy My Own Things Like Necessity’s.Please Get Back To Me With HELP!.. I Really Want A Job!…