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Log on, find a job and get to work.  SnagAJob

By far the best place for older teenagers to look for jobs online is Snagajob. You will find in excess of 20,000 jobs there for 16 to 19 year olds (teens) and more are added every day. There are jobs in all the major citied in the United States and jobs from many smaller cities as well. It is free to sign up and look but please do that only if you are really interested in getting a job!

Popular jobs with teens are ones that are usually entry level and require little to no experience. These can be team member jobs, retail salesperson jobs, cashier jobs, and customer service representative jobs. All of these deal with customers in some way so you have to be outgoing and friendly to get and keep a job like this. Additionally, many of these jobs have you handling money so you need to be responsible and honest as well.

Other jobs for 16 year olds you might find on Snagajob are reception jobs in a restaurant where you greet people and tell them how long they will have to wait for a table.

If you are the kind of person who is shy and not sure they want to deal with customers all day, there are some jobs for you as well. These would be stock clerk jobs and merchandiser jobs. Both of these would be in retail type environments and your job would be to stock merchandise and make sure everything in the store is in order. There would be a lot of cleaning up to do (think about fitting rooms in clothes stores) and making sure that the store looks its best at all times and the merchandise is fully stocked and displayed nicely.

These are just some of the companies that hire 16 year olds:

Tors “R” Us
T.J. Maxx
Pizza Hut
Burger King
Boston Market

Whatever type of job you hope to get as an older teenager, Snagajob is THE place to go online to start your search. It is free to sign up and you can apply to each job you are interested in right there online. So look around and give it a try!