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If you already have a lifeguard certification and you are 16 years old, you can then get certified to give lessons and to be a swim coach. That is the difference between being 15 and 16 as sixteen year olds can teach.

But first you have to get that initial lifeguard certification which takes time and advanced planning. That is why you might start thinking about getting certified now before it is too late and summer arrives.

Many teenagers are obviously frustrated by not being able to find any real jobs out there. But a lifeguard job is a great summer job and it is one of the jobs for 16 year olds that are real that you can actually get if you are good swimmer and take the tests to get qualified.

To become a lifeguard, you need to pass tests and a course which takes between 30 and 37 hours to complete. How long yours will take will depend on what you are trying to get certified for.

Once you do get your lifeguard certification, it will be not be valid forever (usually 3 years) and you will then have to take re-certification courses to keep it updated. You may also have to take some first aid, CPR, and/or AED courses that may or may not be part of the lifeguard certification process.

Two good lifeguard websites to go to that will give you more information about the certification process and where to go to get it are The American Lifeguard Association and The American Red Cross Lifeguard Training.

Lifeguard Requirements:

There are 4 kinds of lifeguards that you can get certified for:

1) A regular lifeguard position that would be at a neighborhood pool.

2) A waterfront lifeguard position that would be available at places where there are parks with open water (but no surf)

3) A waterpark lifeguard

4) A shallow water attendant that is only allowed to work where the water is a maximum of 4 feet high.