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Summer is here and many high schools are already out. That means teens everywhere are looking for jobs, hoping to be one of the lucky ones to find someone to hire them.

Unfortunately it is projected that the unemployment rate this summer for teenagers may be as high as 75%! That means three out of every four will NOT be able to find work. Among African American teens, the unemployment rate may be close to 90%.

This is a terrible time for everyone looking for work as the economy continues to stagnate and less Federal funding becomes available. Kids who are trying to find summer jobs for 16 year olds are most likely looking for their very first job so they might have zero job experience. They are in the worst position possible because right now, employers value experience more than anyone else. They have so many candidates to choose from for every job opening that they are naturally going to hire those that already have work experience.

Low unemployment like this is not only bad for teenagers who can’t find work but it also affects all of society. This is because teens need to get job experience so they can fit in with society later on. A teen job is a building block for later on when they need to fit in with society and become productive citizens.

Another serious problem with high teen unemployment is that without jobs, some will get in trouble with the law. Teenagers need school, a job, or some other organized activity to keep them busy because without it they have too much time on their hands. Statistics show that teen violence goes up with unemployment so all of society is affected by this.

The bottom line is that if you are a 16 year old and can’t find a job, you are not alone. This may be one of the worst times in recent memory to be looking for work and teenagers are in the worst spot because they have so little experience.