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If you haven’t found a summer job by now, you might want to take things into your own hands. For this idea, you will need the help of a few adults and you will also need to get together with some of your friends.

We have all seen car washes on weekends that are trying to raise money for a specific cause. They could be for charities but most often, they are put on to raise money for a girls or boys sports team. However, there is no rule that a car wash has to be for a a specific cause.

If you can find a place to have your car wash, you and your friends can run one yourselves and split the money. Real car washes at a gas station usually cost about $7.00 and up so if you charge less than that per car, you will probably get some good business. In order to make it work right, you need to make sure you follow these tips:

1) DO NOT lead people into believing your car wash is for a charity or team

2) Have at least one adult present at all times

3) Make sure you have lots change in paper bills when you start out

4) Have a secure place to keep your money

5) Have one person be in charge of all cash and making change

6) Make sure you have enough soap and other supplies to begin the day

7) Prepare some signs to advertise your car wash

8- Decide ahead of time how the profits will be split

9) Only do it on a nice sunny day!

An important thing is to remember that this is not a job and you can’t do it every week. The hardest part will probably be finding a place that gets decent traffic where you can legally have the car wash. A parking lot owned by one of your friend’s parents would be an ideal place if you can get their okay. Remember that you will need the permission of the owner of whatever space you do choose.

If you haven’t been able to find any summer jobs for 16 year olds yet, this could be an idea that will make you some extra money while you keep trying to find work. At least it will keep you occupied for a day and it will be fun for you if you get lots of customers.