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One thing that 16 year olds need to understand is that most jobs are tiring and they aren’t fun. Yes, occasionally in life people find jobs that they genuinely like but that is the exception and not the norm. People have jobs because they have to have them in order to pay for food, rent, and everything else they need.

If you ask almost any adult, they will reel off a list of jobs they had as a teenager, laughing at the same time. If you question them further they will tell you those jobs weren’t their favorite things to do but they had to start somewhere and they needed any job they could get.

Being young and having no experience means that you have to start at the bottom. Jobs for 16 year olds are sometimes going to be hard, sometimes dirty, usually tiring, and you will almost always wish you could be somewhere else doing something else. Having a job is always a shock to the system when you’ve never done anything like it before. Being a kid and being free to do whatever you want is always going to be more fun than that time when you get your first job.

This doesn’t mean that all jobs are awful or that you have to hate a job. You can enjoy it if you keep an upbeat spirit and try to be happy and make the best of your new work place. You will need to be ready and willing to work and come home tired. Having a job is a responsibility and it will be your first look into what it is like to be an adult.

You have to be ready to take most any job that you can get, even if you think you won’t like it. In this economy of 2012, there isn’t any room to be choosey. Remember, any job you get at age 16 is temporary so you know that you won’t have it forever. Give anything and everything a try because maybe you will find something that you like more than you think you will.