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I wrote about most jobs not being fun but if you like animals, perhaps you can get a job you will love. Don’t limit yourself to the normal jobs in malls, fast food joints, and movie theaters. You don’t have to get something in customer service or behind the scenes in retail such as stocking shelves.

For animal lovers, think about working in veterinary clinics, pet stores, or rescue shelters for animals.

Lots of you enjoy being around animals and of all the jobs for 16 year olds you can get, anything involving pets and animals will probably be quite enjoyable. Pets are a joy to everyone and for teens who get along well with animals, a summer job that involves them would be perfect! If any of you hope someday to be veterinarians, this type of job would be a great place to start.

Store owners and people who hire at rescue shelters and veterinary clinics know that kids and animals get along great. That is why they may be more or at least as inclined to hire someone young as they would an adult.

If you can’t find a job in your area involving animals you can always try to drum up your own “clients” in your neighborhood. Dog walking is a service that some people will pay for and pet sitting is something that you can make money doing all year long. People take vacations all the time and would always rather keep their pets at home than take them to a shelter. By offering a reliable pet sitting service based on good referrals, a teen of almost any age can make good money throughout the year!

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  1. rebecca scholl says:

    Hi my name is Rebecca Lynn Scholl im 16 and i really need a summer job. im going to fscj but im taking night classes so that i can work during the day. i really love animals i am very good with them i was raised in a home full of animals. im very sociable and i have good comunication skills. i work hard for what i believe in and i dont give up to easily but if you could please contact me my number is 904-900-3629 thak you and god bless.